Governor Parson Receives Wide and Unprecedented Early Support from Missouri Agriculture Leaders

Governor Parson Receives Wide and Unprecedented Early Support from Missouri Agriculture Leaders

In an unprecedented show of early support, Governor Mike Parson today received the backing of Missouri’s agriculture leaders representing a wide range of farmers and commodities.

In an event at Means Family Farm near Fulton, the Missouri Agribusiness Association, Missouri Cattlemen’s Association, Missouri Corn Growers Association, Missouri Farm Bureau, Missouri Pork Association, and Missouri Soybean Association all endorsed Governor Mike Parson saying he is the leader they want in the governor’s office to stand up for Missouri agriculture.

“I am honored to have the strong support and confidence of Missouri’s agriculture community,” Governor Parson said.  “Growing up on a small farm, and later starting and running a cattle farm, I know the hard work Missouri farm families put in day in and day out to feed our country and the world and fuel our state’s agricultural economy.  It was on the farm where I first learned the value of hard work, being a good neighbor and being a good steward of the land. These values have always stayed with me and I know anything is possible if you work hard.  Thank you to all Missouri farmers for the work you do to make our state’s leading industry a success.”

Governor Parson has been a key advocate for Missouri agriculture throughout his public service including his advocacy for Right to Farm.  In 2014, he advanced Right to Farm legislation in the Missouri Senate.  This measure was passed by Missouri voters and made the right to farm in Missouri a constitutional right in the state constitution.

The early support from Missouri agriculture leaders 14 months ahead of the election shows that Governor Parson is starting his campaign with a strong and wide foundation of support.

“MO AG is proud to endorse fellow farmer and businessman Mike Parson for governor. Governor Parson understands how vital Missouri’s infrastructure is to our farms and agriculture businesses and his proven leadership on issues that matter to agriculture make it easy for us to support him wholeheartedly.”  MOAG President and Executive Director Steve Taylor

“Governor Mike Parson is no stranger to hard work because he’s a cattleman. The Missouri Cattlemen’s Association endorses Mike because he is one of us and brings his unparalleled work ethic to the Governor’s office for the betterment of the entire state. We know he will fight relentlessly for agriculture, which is the corner post of rural Missouri. He stands with us and we will fight for him and celebrate alongside him on November 3, 2020.” MCA President and cattleman from Salem Bobby Simpson 

“The Missouri Corn Growers Association has a longstanding relationship with Governor Mike Parson. During his tenure in the state legislature, his service as lieutenant governor, and now as the 57th governor of this great state, Governor Parson is a proven leader and tireless advocate for Missouri farmers. He knows hard work and doesn’t back down when out-of-state groups try to torpedo our industry. His commonsense approach and ability to create partnerships—not partisan politics—make Governor Mike Parson the right person to continue leading our state forward. The Missouri Corn Growers Association is proud to strongly endorse Governor Mike Parson in this upcoming election.” Missouri Corn Growers Association President Mark Scott, corn grower from Wentzville

“Missouri Farm Bureau members voted unanimously to endorse Governor Parson because he is one of us. As a lifelong farmer, he knows what matters to Missouri agriculture and has proven that he will fight for the needs of rural Missouri. He is clearly the best choice to lead our state for the next four years.” Missouri Farm Bureau President Blake Hurst

“Missouri pork producers endorse Governor Parson because he has proven that he works for rural Missouri. The governor has a record of going to bat for farmers and ranchers and I am proud to announce that the Missouri Pork Association endorses Mike Parson for governor.” MPA Chairman Marcus Belshe, farmer from Henley

“Missouri Soybean farmers have worked with Mike Parson for years, and we appreciate his dedication to farm families. He truly gets it, and we’re all stronger thanks to his support of rural communities, infrastructure and opportunities like biodiesel. The Missouri Soybean Association is proud to endorse Mike Parson for Governor for his steadfast leadership and commitment to our state.” C. Brooks Hurst, farmer from Tarkio and president of the Missouri Soybean Association

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