Governor Parson Endorsed by Missouri Right to Life PAC

Governor Parson Endorsed by Missouri Right to Life PAC

For his strong and consistent record of standing up for the sanctity of human life, Governor Mike Parson received the early and unanimous endorsement of the Missouri Right to Life State Political Action Committee, the largest pro-life advocacy organization in the state.

“Holding my new granddaughter in my arms is a precious reminder that all life must be respected and protected, and each child must be given the opportunity to reach their God-given potential,” Governor Parson said.  “In Missouri, we stand for life, protecting women’s health and advocating for the unborn.  I believe that all life has value and is worth protecting.  I am humbled by the endorsement of Missouri Right to Life and we will continue to protect those who cannot defend themselves.”

Governor Parson noted that thanks to decades of conservative, pro-life leadership, Missouri recently hit an all-time low for the number of abortions.  Missouri has gone from a high of more than 20,000 abortions to now below 3,000.

“While it is great news that more and more Missourians are choosing life – we know our work is not done,” said Governor Parson. “I’ll continue advocating and promoting a culture of life here in Missouri – but as we witness Governors across the nation in states like New York, Virginia, and Illinois lead celebrations for abortions outside the womb – as your Governor, I’ll never waiver in the fight to protect those without a voice.”

Earlier this year, Governor Parson signed one of the strongest pro-life measures in the country.  The Missouri Stands for the Unborn Act, HB 126, prohibits ending an innocent child’s life because of a Down Syndrome diagnosis, the sex of the child, or the race of the child.  The legislation strengthened parental or guardian consent for an abortion and aided pregnancy resource centers, which provide essential services for women with unexpected pregnancies.

“Missouri Right to Life State Political Action Committee is pleased to endorse Governor Mike Parson for the November 2020 election,” said Missouri Right to Life’s Executive Director Susan Klein.  “Governor Parson has a proven record of defending innocent human lives, protecting women’s health and consistently and eloquently standing up for vulnerable people throughout Missouri, especially unborn children. His leadership as governor helped obtain passage of the most pro-life bill in Missouri history.  We look forward to working hard to return a pro-life governor to Jefferson City by electing Governor Parson.”

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