Governor Mike Parson Endorses Treasurer Scott Fitzpatrick

Governor Mike Parson Endorses Treasurer Scott Fitzpatrick

Governor Mike Parson endorsed Treasurer Scott Fitzpatrick on Monday as he formally announced his campaign to seek election in 2020 before a hometown crowd at Cassville High School. The Governor’s endorsement comes a full year ahead of next November’s election.

“Scott is a leader with a proven track record in our state as a successful small business owner, a wise steward of Missouri’s state budget, and an important watchdog of the people’s money,” said Governor Parson. “I am proud to endorse Treasurer Fitzpatrick as he seeks election in 2020 because I know he will continue working hard every day on behalf of the people of Missouri.”

Since his appointment to the post by Governor Parson in January, Treasurer Fitzpatrick has returned over $40 million in unclaimed property and created an automated system for returning unclaimed property to families who were owed child support. Treasurer Fitzpatrick has also worked with Governor Parson to promote economic liberty and fiscally sound policies for our state, as opposed to an economy run by the government.

“The governor’s endorsement is great news for our campaign,” said Fitzpatrick. “We will continue working together to find more ways to reduce tax burdens on working Missourians, continue balancing our budget, and promoting fiscally responsible policies that will allow our economy to continue to grow.”

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