Top 10 Talked-About Accomplishments of 2019

Top 10 Talked-About Accomplishments of 2019

Governor Parson promised a bold agenda to rebuild our state’s infrastructure, strengthen our workforce, and make key conservative reform.  

Here are this year’s TOP 10 most talked-about accomplishments:

Historic reorganization of State Government

  • Through a series of executive orders, Governor Parson has reorganized state government to better serve the people of Missouri

Improving access to quality healthcare

  • Governor Parson lead the way to help curb the rising cost of healthcare by establishing the Missouri Health Insurance Innovation Task Force. 

Appointments to various Boards and Commissions 

  • Since taking office, Governor Parson has made 397 appointments to various boards and commissions, county offices, departments, and divisions. He made 20 judicial appointments in 2019

Repairing Missouri’s Crumbling Infrastructure

  • Governor Parson and the General Assembly executed a $1 billion critical investment that will repair hundreds of bridges across our state bridges 

Preparing Missouri’s Workforce

  • Governor Parson’s leadership has made Missouri a number one state for workforce development and placed an emphasis on education and training for jobs of the future.

Relocating the USDA to the Heartland

  •   Governor Parson and President Trump worked together to relocate two divisions of the USDA to the Kansas City area- something that has never been done before in our nation’s history.

Ended the Border War

  • Governor Parson worked with Kansas Governor, Laura Kelly, to end the pointless border war and save taxpayers over $300 million.

Businesses are Moving to Missouri

  • Key reforms and Missouri’s HISTORIC economy have led to major expansions of key businesses like Bayer, Bunge, Briggs & Straton, Dollar Tree, and CVS.

Protecting Family Farms

  • Governor Parson championed the needs of Missouri farm families and opened the door to allow Missouri to meet the world’s growing food demand.

Strength of Missouri’s Economy

  • Over the past year, Governor Parson’s leadership has created nearly 40,000 new jobs, maintained record low unemployment and wages are on the rise. Missourians are feeling the positive effects of the Republican-led tax cuts and are seeing more money in their pockets.

Critical General Motors Investment

  • Governor Parson partnered with General Motors to secure the state’s largest private investment, $1.5 billion in GM’s Wentzville plant and protect 4,000 Missouri jobs.


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