Governor Parson to be First Governor to Participate in Midwest March For Life

Governor Parson to be First Governor to Participate in Midwest March For Life

Governor Mike Parson will be the first governor to participate in the Midwest March for Life on Saturday, February 1, 2020. This is the region’s largest pro-life gathering with over 2,000 in attendance last year.

Sign up HERE to join Governor Parson at the Midwest March for Life.

“Governor Parson has done more for the pro-life movement than any other governor in Missouri history,” said Steele Shippy, Parson’s campaign manager. “The governor’s leadership has sent a strong signal to the rest of the nation that Missouri stands for life, protects women’s health, and advocates for the unborn.”

This strong commitment to defending innocent life is what earned Governo Parson the full endorsement from Missouri Right to Life shortly after he announced his plan to run for re-election.

“We are ecstatic and honored that Governor Parson will be the first governor to stand alongside the people of Missouri at this year’s march and visibly stand in support of the unborn,” said Kathy Forck, organizer of the 10th Annual Midwest March for Life. “The governor has shown where his heart is as he has worked diligently for the safety and protection of Missouri women and their unborn children.”

The governor will deliver remarks at a pre-rally at 9:30 a.m. before the march begins.

“ThriVe views Governor Parson as a tremendous women’s advocate and affirmer of life,” said Bridget Vanmeans, president of ThriVe St. Louis Express Women’s Healthcare. “We are absolutely thrilled and honored that he will be joining us for the march this year.”

Abortions in Missouri have dropped to an all-time low of less than 1,400 per year. This is due to strong pro-life leaders who are willing to stand up to protect women’s health and defend those who cannot defend themselves.

“Pro-life work is a daily effort to love both mother and child, born and preborn, which is why the acknowledgment by Gov. Mike Parson of the importance of the human rights struggle of our day is so appreciated,” said Reagan Barklage, Western Regional Director of Students for Life. “Gov. Parson’s participation in the Midwest March for Life is a public sign of a private commitment to welcome all our citizens, born and preborn, into our community and state.”

For more information about the Midwest March for Life, visit

31 Replies to “Governor Parson to be First Governor to Participate in Midwest March For Life

  • Kathleen Adams

    By Kathleen Adams


    So glad. Thanks




      Thank you! We are going to try to be there!!

  • Brenda Turnbough

    By Brenda Turnbough


    Governor Parson,
    I am so proud to call you my governor!

  • Alexa Mennemeier

    By Alexa Mennemeier


    Love that our president did this and now our governor will be participating!!!

    • Shirley Sizemore

      By Shirley Sizemore


      Proud to call you our governor behind you 100% on marching can’t be there but I’m behind you alls

  • Mary Ann McSpadden

    By Mary Ann McSpadden


    Thank you for making Right to Like a priority. We feel like it essential to the America we love

  • Douglas Spurgeon

    By Douglas Spurgeon



  • Grady Saenger

    By Grady Saenger


    I think this is wonderful!! It’s about time someone has the guts to do what’s right.

    • Elizabeth Schlueter

      By Elizabeth Schlueter


      Love the idea. Unfortunately previously booked elsewhere.

  • Terry Lawrence

    By Terry Lawrence


    So glad that you and President Trump are taking a stand for our babies! God bless you!

  • George Stegner

    By George Stegner


    Stop the murders.

  • Michelle Ricklefs-Cooper

    By Michelle Ricklefs-Cooper


    Thank you for having morals!!

  • Jenny Pagliai

    By Jenny Pagliai


    Caring for women isn’t helping them kill their reborn child, it’s giving them the resources and support to keep their baby! Most women when given option will keep their child! Democrats must understand this isn’t human rights.

  • Elsie Kraml

    By Elsie Kraml


    Thank you Governor Parson it means alot to have your backing on our belief in life for The Unborn God bless you and you will have my vote because that takes a lot of Courage to do what you have done

  • Marie Mowry

    By Marie Mowry


    Thank you for honoring life

  • Erin Mashburn

    By Erin Mashburn


    I wish everyone could meet Governor and First Lady Parson. To know them is too love them and the family. What you see is what you get. Hardworking, Professional and Godly family ❤️ Down home people who always have the best intentions for Missouri and families. He makes a promise he keeps it. I know not your usual politician. Both of them have a heart for service.

  • Douglas Spurgeon

    By Douglas Spurgeon


    GOD BE WITH YOU. Watching out for the elderly & Disabled will be nice

  • Gracie Middleton

    By Gracie Middleton


    I’m glad to know that we have a governor that would March in rights for life that makes me very proud

  • Marcie Albert

    By Marcie Albert


    Thank you Governor Parson for all you are doing.

  • Michael Duncan

    By Michael Duncan


    Thank you Governor Parson for standing up for the life of a child.

  • Sandra Sullivan

    By Sandra Sullivan


    Thank you Governor for standing up against the poor babies that can’t speak for themselves.

  • Joel Clark

    By Joel Clark


    Awesome my friend

  • Susan Hoover

    By Susan Hoover


    Thank you!




    Thank you Governor, it is greatly appreciated that you elected to march … other government officials and agencies should take notice! Thank you very much for the positive stance on the sanctity of life.

  • Allison Hoskins

    By Allison Hoskins


    Will be with you in Spirit & in prayer as you proclaim Truth.

  • Elenna Brinsfield

    By Elenna Brinsfield


    Would love to be there but just can’t!! Hope we have an awesome group of people!!!

  • Craig Weiss

    By Craig Weiss


    Thank you for standing for life.




    I think it’s great that our Governor is attend the March for Life. I have to attend a function my son is doing this Saturday, so I wont be able to come out for the March, however, I am for it and will be praying for everyone in the Hope’s we can stop abortion all together.
    Thank you to our President Trump and to our Govenor Mr. Parsons.

  • Michael Jahns

    By Michael Jahns


    I am proud to call you my governor. God bless you and all who will walk with you. Wish I could join you but my healthcare won’t allow me.

  • David holvick

    By David holvick


    Praise god for you! Keep standing for life! Proud of your stand! God bless you and your family!

  • Marilyn G.

    By Marilyn G.


    Thank you Gov. Parsons for reining in this abortion debacle!!!

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