Studio 57 – Real News Updates – E7

Governor Parson kicked off the 2020 Lincoln Days circuit in Cole County this week. The packed crowd was excited and ready to keep Missouri red in 2020. Watch this episode of Studio 57 to learn more.

Join Shannon for this episode of Studio 57, where real news comes first.

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7 Replies to “Studio 57 – Real News Updates – E7

  • Ed nye

    By Ed nye


    Great job ,, keep up the good work ,, we need to get them 2 gun bills though

  • Anna Jedrzejewski

    By Anna Jedrzejewski


    I support Governor Mike Patterson and I want him to stay for the next four years. You can Count on my vote.

  • Michael Jahns

    By Michael Jahns


    I would love to participate and support Governor Parsons in Springfield. Please send me information about this event so I can try to make it. Also, let me know where i can get yard signs for both Parsons and Trump in my area.

  • Susan Hoover

    By Susan Hoover


    Keep up the good work!

  • Wanda Smith

    By Wanda Smith


    You have much prayers and much vote thank you for the great job you are doing and GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR WIFE

  • Cari Asby

    By Cari Asby


    I love Governor Mike Parsons. He has done a great job and I look forward to another 4 years of his leadership!

  • Greg Jewell

    By Greg Jewell


    Overall, well pleased with your leadership. Please refrain from any bill infringing on 2A rights. So called “red flag laws” are a big, unconstitutional infringement on our rights. They’ve already proven to be misused and misinterpreted. The level of abuse these will open up is endless. As crime statistics have proven, legal gun owners are not the problem. Laws are already in place for prohibited possessors to be arrested and prosecuted. Any infringement on the rights of legal citizens to own and carry is unconstitutional and will be seen as such. Thank you for your service as our governor and may God guide and bless you in your leadership of this great state.

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