What They Are Saying | Governor Parson’s Show Me Strong Recovery Plan:

What They Are Saying | Governor Parson’s Show Me Strong Recovery Plan:

On the first day of Missouri’s reopening, Governor Parson joined the team at Bass Pro Shops in Springfield for a reopening ceremony. This was one of several stops on the first day of Phase One of the Show Me Strong Recovery Plan.

Let me tell you why it was so important to come here today. I want people to know it’s okay. It’s okay to come back out, it’s okay to start being engaged in your communities…” – Governor Parson


Lieutenant Governor Mike Kehoe joined Team Parson to discuss the phased reopening of Missouri.

The Governor has put together a great team… who have participated in working through what it takes to protect Missourians and also what it takes to gradually and safely get our economy opening again.” – Lieutenant Governor Kehoe

What They Are Saying | On CARES Act Federal Funding:

Following the distribution of funds from the federal government, hear how these funds are being distributed by state leaders.

What They Are Saying | On Governor Parson Lifting the Stay at Home Order:

State leaders on the Governor’s decision to reopen the State on May 4th.

Lieutenant Governor Mike Kehoe:I know people are ready to get back to work, they’re ready to get out and prove that Missouri knows how to show the rest of the country how we can do this safely… Governor Parson has laid out a great step with his four pillars of his plan that would allow Missourians to open up and get the economy moving again, all while keeping an eye on public safety.” (KZRG Morning Newswatch, 05/04/2020)


We are the Show Me State, and we are going to show the country how you can come out of this and get our economy going, get people back to work, and do it in a safe fashion that protects the health and safety of each other.” (Wake Up Columbia 93.9 The Eagle, 05/04/2020)


Treasurer Scott Fitzpatrick:It’s been a tough situation for everybody… Small businesses in particular, and Governor Parson has taken a data drive approach, spending one hundred percent of his time managing this from a state level.” (Pete Mundo Morning Show KCMO Talk Radio, 05/04/2020)


State Representative Nick Schroer:When you look into the beginning of this pandemic, Governor Parson and his administration have been very open and have taken critical steps to protect the health and wellbeing of Missourians… We are going to make our economy and our state great again.” (The Tim Jones Show 97.1 FM, 05/03/2020


State Representative Mary Elizabeth Coleman:I am really pleased that because of Governor Parson’s leadership and because of everybody doing what they did, we’ve got this data driven approach to be able to reopen the state… Much of the state has decided to follow Governor Parson’s plan of getting things reopened, not immediately back to normal, but in this sort of staged approach…”  (The Marc Cox Morning Show 97.1 FM, 05/04/2020)


State Representative Hannah Kelly:Everyone made the decision that they thought was best for them, while following under the umbrella of the stay at home order. I think that, in a beautiful way, spoke to what the Governor has done to endeavor through all of this unknown and unchartered water that we’re walking through together to make sure that he keeps in mind with his decision making that Missouri is a diverse state…  Vice President Pence remarked the other day that Missouri is leading the way, that we’re fulfilling our Show Me title with the plan that Governor Parson is laying out.” (Digging In with Missouri Farm Bureau Podcast, 04/30/2020)


Executive Director of the Missouri Republican Party, Jean Evans:One of the things about our Governor is that he definitely trusts local leaders to make good decisions for themselves. From the get go, he has taken a very aggressive approach to dealing with this. I know Governor Parson pretty well… He is somebody who doesn’t react, he responds. He looks at all the information, talks to the experts and comes up with a plan. I think in this situation, his early actions really helped us…” (Mark Reardon Show KMOX-AM, 05/04/2020)


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  • Joyce LaRue

    By Joyce LaRue


    Governor Parsons is doing a great job of taking steps that are good for every Missourian. Not just special groups.
    Thank you Governor. You and your hard work and perseverance are greatly appreciated for

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