Governor Parson Maintains Commitment to Protect the Health and Safety of Missourians

Governor Parson Maintains Commitment to Protect the Health and Safety of Missourians

Capping the first six months of the Covid-19 global pandemic, Governor Parson maintains his commitment to leading Missouri while protecting the health and safety of every Missourian.

“We are approaching the six-month mark since Covid-19 hit Missouri,” Parson Campaign Manager, Steele Shippy said. “When the first positive case was identified on March 7th, Governor Parson’s administration was fully engaged and immediately on the ground in St. Louis. Since that time the governor has worked non-stop to combat this virus and keep Missourians as safe as possible.”

In March and April of the pandemic in Missouri, Governor Parson successfully:

  • Pulled together the entire cabinet and every state agency to coordinate Missouri’s response
  • Convened weekly calls with community leaders, stakeholders, and medical experts
  • Developed a dashboard with transparent Missouri-specific data
  • Mobilized the Missouri National Guard to assist with our response efforts, and together built an alternative care site in 11 days to assist hospitals in the St. Louis region.
  • Waived nearly 600 statutes and regulations to provide more flexibility and safety for Missourians
  • Partnered with Google to launch an innovative PPE marketplace to assure our first responders were properly equipped to help Missourians
  • Secured and delivered the anti-viral medication Remdesivir to Missouri hospitals in the middle of the night to help Covid-19 patients and save lives.
  • Expanded testing capacity to ensure availability for Missourians in both rural and urban areas to receive a Covid-19 test
  • Announced the “Show-Me Strong Recovery Plan” for Missouri on April 16, with implementation of the plan in May
  • Encouraged Missourians to wear masks (when unable to socially distance), and enabled local government officials to implement their own mask orders when necessary to protect the health of their local communities.


“While the governor was accomplishing all of this and more, Galloway turned to partisan politics over helping Missourians respond to and recover from the pandemic,” Shippy said. “Sunshine records prove that the Auditor worked less in an entire month than most Missourians work in a week. It’s clear that when Missourians need the most help, Nicole Galloway doesn’t show up.”




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