Governor Parson Works Hard for Missourians, Opponent Barely Works

Governor Parson Works Hard for Missourians, Opponent Barely Works

Governor Parson continues to deliver real results that protected the health and safety of every Missourian, while his opponent worked less in a month than most Missourians work in a week.

“Governor Parson worked tirelessly throughout the summer to combat the virus and deliver real results for working Missourians, which has led to an unemployment rate that is lower than our neighboring states,” Parson Campaign Manager, Steele Shippy said. “Small businesses are open and Missourians have returned to work. While the governor was working hard for Missourians, Nicole Galloway has prioritized partisan politics and barley showed up for work. She’s bragging about attending hundreds of political fundraisers with some of the most radical politicians in the country, while Missourians were dealing with the biggest health and economic crisis of our lifetime.”


In May and June of the pandemic in Missouri, Governor Parson successfully:

  • Ensured that Missouri’s healthcare system was not overwhelmed
  • Implemented the “Show-Me Strong Recovery Plan” for Missouri on May 4
  • Signed legislation to safeguard our elections and protect Missouri voters during the pandemic
  • Fully re-opened the state for business, part of the second phase of Missouri’s Recovery Plan
  • Rapidly grew testing capacity, and implemented plan focusing on three main testing strategies – box-in outbreaks, sentinel testing and community sampling
  • Distributed funds from the federal CARES Act to local governments, ensuring our local communities could continue providing critical services without delay
  • Signed additional executive orders to assist with Missouri’s Covid-19 response
  • Mobilized the Missouri National Guard to protect Missouri lives and property during civil unrest


“While thousands of Missouri families lost jobs or struggled to get by over the summer due to the pandemic, liberal Nicole failed to show up to her six-figure taxpayer-funded job,” Shippy said. “And now she is asking Missourians for a promotion? Missourians deserve leaders who are ready on Day One to do the tough jobs and make the difficult decisions, not politicians who fail to even show up.”




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