Amid Troubling Independent Investigation, Galloway Releases Desperate Television Ad Full of Misleading, False, and Undocumented Allegations Against Governor Parson

September 28, 2020

Parson for Missouri Campaign calls on Galloway campaign and television stations to immediately take down ad

Feeling the heat of an independent investigation and questions about mega-donors to her campaign, Galloway gets desperate — in an attempt to shift the narrative with less than six weeks to go before election day Nicole Galloway released a campaign ad against Governor Parson on Saturday riddled with false and misleading information.


“It’s obvious that Nicole Galloway is desperate to change the subject from the independent investigation into her office,” Parson for Missouri Campaign Manager Steele Shippy said. “I’m shocked she would look into the camera with a straight face to make an ad that is demonstrably and laughably false. Her campaign and tv stations should pull it down immediately.”


A summary of these false claims are listed below.


Misleading, False, and Undocumented Claims in Nicole Galloway’s Campaign Ad

Claim: “Missouri in Top 5 for New COVID Cases”

Galloway Source or Citation: NONE

Fact Check: A simple look at the dashboard does not show Missouri in the top 5 for new cases, and when looking at total cases overall Missouri is listed at 20.

Claim: “[Gov. Parson] Opposes Protections for Pre-Existing Conditions”

Galloway Source or Citation: NONE

Fact Check: Governor Parson and his administration helped introduce legislation to prohibit health insurance plans from imposing a preexisting condition exclusion — required health insurance plans to offer coverage for dependent children up to age 26. (SB970 (Rowden) & HB2507(Helms))

Claim: “Even Now He Opposes Medicaid Expansion”

Galloway Source or Citation: NONE

Fact Check: Over the past year, Governor Parson has reaffirmed his commitment to honor the will of the people. Because Missourians voted for the Medicaid Expansion ballot measure in August, Governor Parson will follow the will of the people.


Governor Parson was quoted by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch during a press conference in November of 2019 stating, “If the people of the state of Missouri — that is their will and they vote to do that — that’s what I’m supposed to do is uphold the will of the people of this state, and that’s what I intend to do regardless of whether I agree with the issue or whether I don’t.


Again, the Governor was asked immediately following the voter-approved Medicaid Expansion in August of 2020 restating his commitment, “The people of the state of Missouri voted that in, so we’re going to have to deal with it and implement it,” he told media Wednesday during his weekly briefing in Jefferson City. “That was the will of the voters.

Claim: “My plan lowers costs and expands medicaid without raising taxes and covers our children.”

Galloway Source or Citation: NONE

Fact Check: By the State Auditor’s Offices own admission, Medicaid expansion could cost the state at least $200 million. Galloway’s campaign does not offer any supporting documentation or solutions to how the healthcare proposal would be funded by state government. Critical questions should be asked to Auditor Galloway about how her proposal would not raise taxes.


The following was stated by the Associated Press on August 5, 2020: The office of Democratic Auditor Nicole Galloway, who won the Democratic primary for governor on Tuesday, said the financial impact on the state was not clear. The office has estimated that expanding Medicaid could cost the state at least $200 million or save as much as $1 billion annually by 2026. Republican opponents cited the potential costs as reason to oppose the ballot initiative.

Claim: “Takes Drug Company Money and lets them increase prices

Galloway Source or Citation: NONE

Fact Check: Of all of the ridiculous attacks in this ad, this might be the worst.  Governor Parson’s campaign has never accepted “drug company money” as corporate contributions to candidates for Governor are prohibited by Missouri state law.