Missouri Veterans Denounce Nicole Galloway’s Support for Defund the Police, Defund Our Troops, and Endorsement of Cori Bush

Galloway Refusing to Rescind Endorsement of Cori Bush


Nicole Galloway is so far refusing to rescind her endorsement of defund-the-police activist Cori Bush, even after she took one of her most extreme positions yet, calling for defunding our troops and national security.  Just hours after Cori Bush called for defunding the Pentagon, Nicole Galloway issued a fundraising email praising Cori Bush for her activism, noting how proud she is to share the political ticket with her.


Nicole Galloway’s refusal to rescind her endorsement of Cori Bush is not going over well with Missouri Veterans.


Retired Colonel Don “Doc” Ballard, a Vietnam Veteran and Medal of Honor recipient, says Missouri needs leaders who support our military and, “Cori Bush and Nicole Galloway have made clear they want to tear our military down by defunding our troops.”


Retired Colonel Jack Jackson said, “Nicole Galloway’s endorsement of Cori Bush is an endorsement of her support for defunding law enforcement and now defunding the Pentagon.”


“Unless Nicole Galloway retracts her endorsement of Cori Bush, Missouri veterans will know that Galloway supports defunding our troops and dismantling our military, which is a view that shows a deep and profound disrespect of our veterans and those who are serving in uniform,” said retired Colonel  Kevin P. Robinson


“Supporting our men and women in uniform should be a policy people on both sides of the aisle stand behind, but unfortunately Cori Bush and Nicole Galloway have abandoned our troops with their support for defunding our troops.  The Cori Bush and Nicole Galloway policy of defunding the Pentagon would make our country less safe and unravel the work and sacrifices made by those who serve in our military, including those who made the ultimate sacrifice,” said Dr. Scott Magill, Executive Director, Veterans in Defense of Liberty.


“Nicole Galloway is trying and failing to distance herself from these extreme positions because she is doubling down on her endorsement and support for Cori Bush,” said Steele Shippy, campaign manager for Parson for Missouri.  “Nicole Galloway’s support for Cori Bush represents support for defunding law enforcement and defunding our troops.  Unless Nicole Galloway immediately rescinds her endorsement of Cori Bush and rebukes her extreme views, Missouri voters will know that Nicole Galloway stands for defunding law enforcement and defunding our troops.”