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Unemployment is at a record low 3.1% and we’ve created nearly 40,000 new jobs. We’re going to continue working hard for the people of Missouri.

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Top 10 Talked-About Accomplishments of 2019

Top 10 Talked-About Accomplishments of 2019

Governor Parson promised a bold agenda to rebuild our state’s infrastructure, strengthen our workforce, and make key conservative reform.  

Here are this year’s TOP 10 most talked-about accomplishments:

Historic reorganization of State Government

  • Through a series of executive orders, Governor Parson has reorganized state government to better serve the people of Missouri

Improving access to quality healthcare

  • Governor Parson lead the way to help curb the rising cost of healthcare by establishing the Missouri Health Insurance Innovation Task Force. 

Appointments to various Boards and Commissions 

  • Since taking office, Governor Parson has made 397 appointments to various boards and commissions, county offices, departments, and divisions. He made 20 judicial appointments in 2019

Repairing Missouri’s Crumbling Infrastructure

  • Governor Parson and the General Assembly executed a $1 billion critical investment that will repair hundreds of bridges across our state bridges 

Preparing Missouri’s Workforce

  • Governor Parson’s leadership has made Missouri a number one state for workforce development and placed an emphasis on education and training for jobs of the future.

Relocating the USDA to the Heartland

  •   Governor Parson and President Trump worked together to relocate two divisions of the USDA to the Kansas City area- something that has never been done before in our nation’s history.

Ended the Border War

  • Governor Parson worked with Kansas Governor, Laura Kelly, to end the pointless border war and save taxpayers over $300 million.

Businesses are Moving to Missouri

  • Key reforms and Missouri’s HISTORIC economy have led to major expansions of key businesses like Bayer, Bunge, Briggs & Straton, Dollar Tree, and CVS.

Protecting Family Farms

  • Governor Parson championed the needs of Missouri farm families and opened the door to allow Missouri to meet the world’s growing food demand.

Strength of Missouri’s Economy

  • Over the past year, Governor Parson’s leadership has created nearly 40,000 new jobs, maintained record low unemployment and wages are on the rise. Missourians are feeling the positive effects of the Republican-led tax cuts and are seeing more money in their pockets.

Critical General Motors Investment

  • Governor Parson partnered with General Motors to secure the state’s largest private investment, $1.5 billion in GM’s Wentzville plant and protect 4,000 Missouri jobs.


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Governor Parson Commits to Supporting Working Families

Governor Parson joined Vice President Pence and Ivanka Trump at the Whitehouse on Thursday to discuss ways to support working families in Missouri.









The governor said that since taking office he has been focused on two things, workforce development and infrastructure. He also said that states across our country must find new and innovative ways to ensure that working families are able to access affordable childcare so that they can continue to be a part of our booming economy.

See Governor Parson’s complete comments below.

Governor Parson Files President Trump’s Candidacy Paperwork to Appear on Missouri Ballot

Governor Parson Files President Trump’s Candidacy Paperwork to Appear on Missouri Ballot

Governor Mike Parson filed President Trump’s candidacy paperwork on Tuesday allowing the President to appear on Missouri Ballots. The Trump campaign and the RNC also announced the Missouri teams for the 2020 cycle.

The Trump campaign team includes thirteen Trump campaign honorary state chairs. The RNC’s Missouri team includes a regional political director.

“Our Missouri Trump Victory leadership team will help to replicate and expand the President’s strong victory in Missouri in 2016, delivering a 2020 win for both the President and GOP candidates up and down the ballot,” said Brad Parscale, Campaign Manager of Donald J. Trump for President, Inc. and Ronna McDaniel, Chairwoman of the RNC, in a joint statement. “The people of Missouri spoke loudly when they delivered President Trump a commanding mandate to lead in 2016. After delivering historic economic successes for the men and women of Missouri, our Missouri leadership team will pave the way for another strong victory for President Trump in 2020.”

Since President Trump was elected, he has added 64,500 jobs to Missouri’s economy, adding 9,900 jobs in the manufacturing sector while President Obama lost 10,000 manufacturing jobs in the state. Trump has lowered the state’s unemployment rate from 4.2% to 3.1% after the state hit an unemployment peak of 9.8% under President Obama. Additionally, President Trump has added money back into the paychecks of Missouri voters, with the average Missouri taxpayer receiving a tax cut of $1,402. President Trump has lifted the prospect of voters across Missouri, overseeing a decline of 81,728 Missouri residents on food stamps. Finally, as President Trump lowers prescription drug costs and healthcare premiums, Democrat plans would cause 3,466,700 million Missouri residents to lose their current insurance plans – an unacceptable prospect.



  • Governor Mike Parson
  • Senator Roy Blunt
  • Senator Josh Hawley
  • Congressman Samuel Graves
  • Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler
  • Congressman Billy Long
  • Congressman Blaine Luetkemeyer
  • Congressman Jason Smith
  • Congresswoman Ann Wagner
  • Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft
  • Lieutenant Governor Mike Kehoe
  • Attorney General Eric Schmitt
  • Treasurer Scott Fitzpatrick


  • Brian Barrett


Governor Mike Parson Endorses Treasurer Scott Fitzpatrick

Governor Mike Parson Endorses Treasurer Scott Fitzpatrick

Governor Mike Parson endorsed Treasurer Scott Fitzpatrick on Monday as he formally announced his campaign to seek election in 2020 before a hometown crowd at Cassville High School. The Governor’s endorsement comes a full year ahead of next November’s election.

“Scott is a leader with a proven track record in our state as a successful small business owner, a wise steward of Missouri’s state budget, and an important watchdog of the people’s money,” said Governor Parson. “I am proud to endorse Treasurer Fitzpatrick as he seeks election in 2020 because I know he will continue working hard every day on behalf of the people of Missouri.”

Since his appointment to the post by Governor Parson in January, Treasurer Fitzpatrick has returned over $40 million in unclaimed property and created an automated system for returning unclaimed property to families who were owed child support. Treasurer Fitzpatrick has also worked with Governor Parson to promote economic liberty and fiscally sound policies for our state, as opposed to an economy run by the government.

“The governor’s endorsement is great news for our campaign,” said Fitzpatrick. “We will continue working together to find more ways to reduce tax burdens on working Missourians, continue balancing our budget, and promoting fiscally responsible policies that will allow our economy to continue to grow.”

For more information go to, @MikeParson on Twitter, and @TeamMikeParson on Facebook.


Missouri Chamber: ‘Mike Parson is Missouri’s Jobs Governor’

Missouri Chamber: ‘Mike Parson is Missouri’s Jobs Governor’

The Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry today endorsed Mike Parson for Governor highlighting his hard work and dedication to policies that have led to new jobs and booming economic growth that are paying dividends for Missouri job creators and their employees.


“Gov. Mike Parson is truly a champion for Missouri. He came into office during a turbulent time and brought stability to our state. Under his leadership, Missouri’s economy is growing and we are headed in the right direction,” said Daniel P. Mehan, president and CEO of the Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry. “As governor, Mike Parson has kept Missouri laser-focused on the issues that matter most to our future. He has advocated for innovative programs to better prepare our state’s workforce, leading to this year’s creation of the Fast Track and One Start programs. He also led the charge on passing a plan to begin repairing our state’s vital transportation infrastructure without raising taxes. He has been an outstanding leader for Missouri and I encourage voters to keep Mike Parson working hard for Missouri as our governor.”


“Every day we are rolling up our sleeves and doing the hard work to ensure Missouri business owners and their employees have the opportunity to thrive in our booming state economy,” Governor Parson said.  “Prioritizing workforce development and infrastructure initiatives is making a positive difference in all corners of our state.  In just a little over year, 40,000 new Missouri jobs have been created, workers are experiencing higher wages and unemployment is at record lows.  All of this means new opportunities for Missouri business owners and their employees.  I am grateful for the endorsement of the Missouri Chamber, which has been a great partner in supporting policies that help strengthen our economy so our business owners can succeed, grow and create new job opportunities for Missourians.”


Missouri’s Booming Economy: By the Numbers


Jobs and Record Low Unemployment


Since Governor Parson took office nearly 40,000 new jobs have been created and more opportunities for Missourians.1


Record lows in unemployment, Our state’s seasonally adjusted unemployment rate was 3.2 percent in August.2


There have never been more Black3 and Hispanic Americans4 in our state’s workforce. Missouri’s unemployment rate for African Americans was 16.9 percent and 13.9 percent for Hispanics in 2009.  In less than a decade, those unemployment rates have dropped to 5.9 percent and 5.6 percent respectfully in Missouri.


Wage and Income Growth


Wages are on the rise in Missouri for hardworking Missouri individuals and families.


Recently Missouri was named the top small business wage growth state in the nation5 and Missouri incomes rose 5 percent over the past year.6


Tax Relief


More Missourians are keeping their hard-earned money because Governor Parson signed an income tax cut – the largest in Missouri’s history.


Missourians have seen an increase in take-home pay in part because Republican-led tax cuts are having a positive impact on local economies. Sales and use tax revenue increased 6.5 percent7 since last year. That means more money going into small businesses that drive job growth.




Since Governor Parson took office companies have committed to investing nearly $3 billion in Missouri.




Missouri’s9 manufacturing exports total over $7.3 billion with Missouri-built products reaching more than 210 countries each year.  In 2018, more than 270,000 workers were employed in manufacturing careers in Missouri.


Revenue and Savings


Missouri’s September 2019 General Revenue report, showing that net general revenue increased 2.5 percent from September 2018. Net general revenue collections for 2020 fiscal year-to-date increased 6.5 percent compared to last year. Under Governor Parson’s leadership, for the first time in a decade, state government saved over 100 million on the bottom line of Missouri’s budget.


Governor Parson is also working hard to ensure more Missourians have the opportunity to gain the quality education and training they need to fill high-demand jobs across the state. He knows a college degree is not the right career path for everyone and has worked to pass a worker retraining program. Governor Parson said he will continue to reach across the aisle and work with all interested parties to keep Missouri focused on providing educational opportunities for all Missourians to succeed in their chosen career path.


In addition, Governor Parson secured a new infrastructure initiative to improve Missouri’s crumbling infrastructure without a tax increase.  Missouri’s hundreds of bridges, thousands of road and highway miles; riverports; airports; and even broadband access are getting the attention needed to showcase to job creators Missouri is serious about making vital investments to secure more opportunities for Missourians.


For more information go to, @MikeParson on Twitter and @TeamMikeParson on Facebook.