Governor Mike Parson Endorses Treasurer Scott Fitzpatrick

Governor Mike Parson Endorses Treasurer Scott Fitzpatrick

Governor Mike Parson endorsed Treasurer Scott Fitzpatrick on Monday as he formally announced his campaign to seek election in 2020 before a hometown crowd at Cassville High School. The Governor’s endorsement comes a full year ahead of next November’s election.

“Scott is a leader with a proven track record in our state as a successful small business owner, a wise steward of Missouri’s state budget, and an important watchdog of the people’s money,” said Governor Parson. “I am proud to endorse Treasurer Fitzpatrick as he seeks election in 2020 because I know he will continue working hard every day on behalf of the people of Missouri.”

Since his appointment to the post by Governor Parson in January, Treasurer Fitzpatrick has returned over $40 million in unclaimed property and created an automated system for returning unclaimed property to families who were owed child support. Treasurer Fitzpatrick has also worked with Governor Parson to promote economic liberty and fiscally sound policies for our state, as opposed to an economy run by the government.

“The governor’s endorsement is great news for our campaign,” said Fitzpatrick. “We will continue working together to find more ways to reduce tax burdens on working Missourians, continue balancing our budget, and promoting fiscally responsible policies that will allow our economy to continue to grow.”

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Missouri Chamber: ‘Mike Parson is Missouri’s Jobs Governor’

Missouri Chamber: ‘Mike Parson is Missouri’s Jobs Governor’

The Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry today endorsed Mike Parson for Governor highlighting his hard work and dedication to policies that have led to new jobs and booming economic growth that are paying dividends for Missouri job creators and their employees.


“Gov. Mike Parson is truly a champion for Missouri. He came into office during a turbulent time and brought stability to our state. Under his leadership, Missouri’s economy is growing and we are headed in the right direction,” said Daniel P. Mehan, president and CEO of the Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry. “As governor, Mike Parson has kept Missouri laser-focused on the issues that matter most to our future. He has advocated for innovative programs to better prepare our state’s workforce, leading to this year’s creation of the Fast Track and One Start programs. He also led the charge on passing a plan to begin repairing our state’s vital transportation infrastructure without raising taxes. He has been an outstanding leader for Missouri and I encourage voters to keep Mike Parson working hard for Missouri as our governor.”


“Every day we are rolling up our sleeves and doing the hard work to ensure Missouri business owners and their employees have the opportunity to thrive in our booming state economy,” Governor Parson said.  “Prioritizing workforce development and infrastructure initiatives is making a positive difference in all corners of our state.  In just a little over year, 40,000 new Missouri jobs have been created, workers are experiencing higher wages and unemployment is at record lows.  All of this means new opportunities for Missouri business owners and their employees.  I am grateful for the endorsement of the Missouri Chamber, which has been a great partner in supporting policies that help strengthen our economy so our business owners can succeed, grow and create new job opportunities for Missourians.”


Missouri’s Booming Economy: By the Numbers


Jobs and Record Low Unemployment


Since Governor Parson took office nearly 40,000 new jobs have been created and more opportunities for Missourians.1


Record lows in unemployment, Our state’s seasonally adjusted unemployment rate was 3.2 percent in August.2


There have never been more Black3 and Hispanic Americans4 in our state’s workforce. Missouri’s unemployment rate for African Americans was 16.9 percent and 13.9 percent for Hispanics in 2009.  In less than a decade, those unemployment rates have dropped to 5.9 percent and 5.6 percent respectfully in Missouri.


Wage and Income Growth


Wages are on the rise in Missouri for hardworking Missouri individuals and families.


Recently Missouri was named the top small business wage growth state in the nation5 and Missouri incomes rose 5 percent over the past year.6


Tax Relief


More Missourians are keeping their hard-earned money because Governor Parson signed an income tax cut – the largest in Missouri’s history.


Missourians have seen an increase in take-home pay in part because Republican-led tax cuts are having a positive impact on local economies. Sales and use tax revenue increased 6.5 percent7 since last year. That means more money going into small businesses that drive job growth.




Since Governor Parson took office companies have committed to investing nearly $3 billion in Missouri.




Missouri’s9 manufacturing exports total over $7.3 billion with Missouri-built products reaching more than 210 countries each year.  In 2018, more than 270,000 workers were employed in manufacturing careers in Missouri.


Revenue and Savings


Missouri’s September 2019 General Revenue report, showing that net general revenue increased 2.5 percent from September 2018. Net general revenue collections for 2020 fiscal year-to-date increased 6.5 percent compared to last year. Under Governor Parson’s leadership, for the first time in a decade, state government saved over 100 million on the bottom line of Missouri’s budget.


Governor Parson is also working hard to ensure more Missourians have the opportunity to gain the quality education and training they need to fill high-demand jobs across the state. He knows a college degree is not the right career path for everyone and has worked to pass a worker retraining program. Governor Parson said he will continue to reach across the aisle and work with all interested parties to keep Missouri focused on providing educational opportunities for all Missourians to succeed in their chosen career path.


In addition, Governor Parson secured a new infrastructure initiative to improve Missouri’s crumbling infrastructure without a tax increase.  Missouri’s hundreds of bridges, thousands of road and highway miles; riverports; airports; and even broadband access are getting the attention needed to showcase to job creators Missouri is serious about making vital investments to secure more opportunities for Missourians.


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I Will Always Stand Up…

The worst part of where the extreme left is going is how they openly disrespect the American flag and kneel instead of stand during our National Anthem.

Oh, I understand it is free speech, but free speech works both ways.

As someone who has worn a military uniform, let me tell you something:

As your governor, I will always stand up.
I will stand up for you.
I will stand up for our state.
I will stand up for our men and women in uniform.
I will never kneel to anyone who disrespects our country or our flag.

Governor Parson Endorsed by Missouri Right to Life PAC

Governor Parson Endorsed by Missouri Right to Life PAC

For his strong and consistent record of standing up for the sanctity of human life, Governor Mike Parson received the early and unanimous endorsement of the Missouri Right to Life State Political Action Committee, the largest pro-life advocacy organization in the state.

“Holding my new granddaughter in my arms is a precious reminder that all life must be respected and protected, and each child must be given the opportunity to reach their God-given potential,” Governor Parson said.  “In Missouri, we stand for life, protecting women’s health and advocating for the unborn.  I believe that all life has value and is worth protecting.  I am humbled by the endorsement of Missouri Right to Life and we will continue to protect those who cannot defend themselves.”

Governor Parson noted that thanks to decades of conservative, pro-life leadership, Missouri recently hit an all-time low for the number of abortions.  Missouri has gone from a high of more than 20,000 abortions to now below 3,000.

“While it is great news that more and more Missourians are choosing life – we know our work is not done,” said Governor Parson. “I’ll continue advocating and promoting a culture of life here in Missouri – but as we witness Governors across the nation in states like New York, Virginia, and Illinois lead celebrations for abortions outside the womb – as your Governor, I’ll never waiver in the fight to protect those without a voice.”

Earlier this year, Governor Parson signed one of the strongest pro-life measures in the country.  The Missouri Stands for the Unborn Act, HB 126, prohibits ending an innocent child’s life because of a Down Syndrome diagnosis, the sex of the child, or the race of the child.  The legislation strengthened parental or guardian consent for an abortion and aided pregnancy resource centers, which provide essential services for women with unexpected pregnancies.

“Missouri Right to Life State Political Action Committee is pleased to endorse Governor Mike Parson for the November 2020 election,” said Missouri Right to Life’s Executive Director Susan Klein.  “Governor Parson has a proven record of defending innocent human lives, protecting women’s health and consistently and eloquently standing up for vulnerable people throughout Missouri, especially unborn children. His leadership as governor helped obtain passage of the most pro-life bill in Missouri history.  We look forward to working hard to return a pro-life governor to Jefferson City by electing Governor Parson.”

Governor Parson Receives Wide and Unprecedented Early Support from Missouri Agriculture Leaders

Governor Parson Receives Wide and Unprecedented Early Support from Missouri Agriculture Leaders

In an unprecedented show of early support, Governor Mike Parson today received the backing of Missouri’s agriculture leaders representing a wide range of farmers and commodities.

In an event at Means Family Farm near Fulton, the Missouri Agribusiness Association, Missouri Cattlemen’s Association, Missouri Corn Growers Association, Missouri Farm Bureau, Missouri Pork Association, and Missouri Soybean Association all endorsed Governor Mike Parson saying he is the leader they want in the governor’s office to stand up for Missouri agriculture.

“I am honored to have the strong support and confidence of Missouri’s agriculture community,” Governor Parson said.  “Growing up on a small farm, and later starting and running a cattle farm, I know the hard work Missouri farm families put in day in and day out to feed our country and the world and fuel our state’s agricultural economy.  It was on the farm where I first learned the value of hard work, being a good neighbor and being a good steward of the land. These values have always stayed with me and I know anything is possible if you work hard.  Thank you to all Missouri farmers for the work you do to make our state’s leading industry a success.”

Governor Parson has been a key advocate for Missouri agriculture throughout his public service including his advocacy for Right to Farm.  In 2014, he advanced Right to Farm legislation in the Missouri Senate.  This measure was passed by Missouri voters and made the right to farm in Missouri a constitutional right in the state constitution.

The early support from Missouri agriculture leaders 14 months ahead of the election shows that Governor Parson is starting his campaign with a strong and wide foundation of support.

“MO AG is proud to endorse fellow farmer and businessman Mike Parson for governor. Governor Parson understands how vital Missouri’s infrastructure is to our farms and agriculture businesses and his proven leadership on issues that matter to agriculture make it easy for us to support him wholeheartedly.”  MOAG President and Executive Director Steve Taylor

“Governor Mike Parson is no stranger to hard work because he’s a cattleman. The Missouri Cattlemen’s Association endorses Mike because he is one of us and brings his unparalleled work ethic to the Governor’s office for the betterment of the entire state. We know he will fight relentlessly for agriculture, which is the corner post of rural Missouri. He stands with us and we will fight for him and celebrate alongside him on November 3, 2020.” MCA President and cattleman from Salem Bobby Simpson 

“The Missouri Corn Growers Association has a longstanding relationship with Governor Mike Parson. During his tenure in the state legislature, his service as lieutenant governor, and now as the 57th governor of this great state, Governor Parson is a proven leader and tireless advocate for Missouri farmers. He knows hard work and doesn’t back down when out-of-state groups try to torpedo our industry. His commonsense approach and ability to create partnerships—not partisan politics—make Governor Mike Parson the right person to continue leading our state forward. The Missouri Corn Growers Association is proud to strongly endorse Governor Mike Parson in this upcoming election.” Missouri Corn Growers Association President Mark Scott, corn grower from Wentzville

“Missouri Farm Bureau members voted unanimously to endorse Governor Parson because he is one of us. As a lifelong farmer, he knows what matters to Missouri agriculture and has proven that he will fight for the needs of rural Missouri. He is clearly the best choice to lead our state for the next four years.” Missouri Farm Bureau President Blake Hurst

“Missouri pork producers endorse Governor Parson because he has proven that he works for rural Missouri. The governor has a record of going to bat for farmers and ranchers and I am proud to announce that the Missouri Pork Association endorses Mike Parson for governor.” MPA Chairman Marcus Belshe, farmer from Henley

“Missouri Soybean farmers have worked with Mike Parson for years, and we appreciate his dedication to farm families. He truly gets it, and we’re all stronger thanks to his support of rural communities, infrastructure and opportunities like biodiesel. The Missouri Soybean Association is proud to endorse Mike Parson for Governor for his steadfast leadership and commitment to our state.” C. Brooks Hurst, farmer from Tarkio and president of the Missouri Soybean Association

Missouri Republicans Unite Behind Governor Mike Parson; Endorse His 2020 Campaign for Governor

Missouri Republicans Unite Behind Governor Mike Parson; Endorse His 2020 Campaign for Governor

Missouri Republicans Unite Behind Governor Mike Parson; Endorse His 2020 Campaign for Governor

On the heels of a “complete and total” endorsement by President Trump, Governor Mike Parson today received the endorsement of over 125 Missouri Republican officials in his campaign for governor.  This strong early support for Governor Parson shows Missouri Republicans are united behind his leadership and committed to working together for all Missourians.

Governor Parson received the endorsement of over 125 Missouri Republican officials including Lt. Gov. Mike Kehoe, Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft, Treasurer Scott Fitzpatrick, Attorney General Eric Schmitt, Senate President Pro Tem Dave Schatz, House Speaker Elijah Haahr and the following state senators and representatives:

Sens. Mike Bernskoetter, Justin Brown, Eric Burlison. Mike Cierport , Sandy Crawford, Mike Cunningham, Bill Eigel, Ed Emery, Dan Hegeman, Denny Hoskins, Lincoln Hough, Andrew Koenig, Doug Libla, Tony Luetkemeyer, Cindy O’Laughlin, Bob Onder, Jeanie Riddle, Gary Romine, Caleb Rowden, David Sater, Wayne Wallingford, Bill White, and Paul Wieland.

Reps. Vic Allred, Sonya Anderson, Allen Andrews, Dottie Bailey, Ben Baker, Chuck Basye, Hardy Billington, John Black, Rusty Black, Jack Bondon, Bob Bromley, Danny Busick, Jason Chipman, Jeff Coleman, Mary Elizabeth Coleman, Dirk Deaton, Bruce DeGroot, Chris Dinkins, Shamed Dogan, Dean Dohrman, J. Eggleston, Karla Eslinger, David Evans, Bill Falkner, Craig Fishel, Travis Fitzwater, Rick Francis, Elaine Gannon, David Gregory, Derek Grier, Aaron Griesheimer, Dave Griffith, Kent Haden, Mike Haffner, Tom Hannegan, Jim Hansen, Steve Helms, Mike Henderson, Ron Hicks, Dan Houx, Barry Hovis, Bradley Hudson, Jeff Justus, Ann Kelley, Hannah Kelly, Bill Kidd, Jeff Knight, Glen Kolkmeyer, Warren Love, Steve Lynch, Don Mayhew, Andrew McDaniel, Peggy McGaugh, Jeff Messenger, Rocky Miller, Lynn Morris, Herman Morse, Dave Muntzel, Jim Murphy, Mike O’Donnell, Jon Patterson, Donna Pfautsch, Patricia Pike, Dean Plocher, Brad Pollitt, Suzie Pollock, Jeff Porter, Rodger Reedy, Holly Rehder, Tim Remole, Doug Richey, Louis Riggs, Lane Roberts, Don Rone, Robert Ross, Becky Ruth, Adam Schnelting, Nick Schroer, Greg Sharpe, Dan Shaul, Jeff Shawan, Brenda Shields, Noel Shull, John Simmons, Cody Smith, Sheila Solon, Chrissy Sommer, Michael Stephens, Kathy Swan, Nathan Tate, Cheri Toalson Reisch, Curtis Trent, Rudy Veit, Rob Vescovo, Sara Walsh, John Wiemann, Kenneth Wilson, David Wood, and Dale Wright.

“We are united, strong and committed to moving Missouri forward,” said Governor Parson. “I am honored and humbled to have the tremendous support of Republican leaders from across our state and for their willingness to partner with us on job creation, education and infrastructure. I have always believed we are stronger when we are united, and together we are committed to working for all Missourians.”

“Governor Parson’s strong leadership has resulted in record low unemployment, rising wages, and thousands of new jobs for our working families. Small businesses and job creators are investing in Missouri again, and I am proud to serve our great state alongside Governor Parson.  I am pleased to endorse my friend and colleague – the 57th Governor of our great state – because he is a proven leader who works for Missouri.  Claudia and I look forward to joining the Governor and First Lady on the campaign trail to help him win in 2020 and to continue delivering real results for Missourians.”

-Missouri Lieutenant Governor Mike Kehoe

“As we approach next year’s election, it is important that we have leaders in Missouri that support freedom and individual rights.  I was proud to be at the Governor’s campaign kickoff with other statewide leaders and look forward to supporting our ticket in 2020.”

-Missouri Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft

“Governor Parson is a principled conservative, a family man, and most importantly a man of faith who is a straight shooter and a great person. I’m honored to serve with him in the executive branch and fully support him in his campaign to continue working for the people of Missouri as our Governor.”

-Missouri State Treasurer Scott Fitzpatrick

“Governor Parson’s pro-growth policies are helping create tens of thousands of new jobs and opportunities for Missourians. We are united in our mission to helping ensure every Missourian has the opportunity to achieve the American Dream. Governor Parson is the right leader at the right time and we need him the governor’s office.”

-Attorney General Eric Schmitt

“I endorse Governor Parson because he works hard for Missouri like no leader I have ever seen. It has been a pleasure to work with Mike Parson and I am looking forward to four more years of seeing Mike in the governor’s office.”

-President Pro Tem of the Missouri State Senate Dave Schatz

“Mike Parson has served this state as a sheriff, a lawmaker, and now as Governor. He took office during a turbulent era in Missouri and has led with honor and strength. He is the right person to lead our state and I will do everything I can to ensure he continues to serve as our Governor.”

-House Speaker Elijah Haahr

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Mike Parson Announces Campaign for Missouri Governor in Front of Hometown Crowd

Committed to Hard Work, Governor Parson Champions Missouri Jobs, Education, Workforce Development and Infrastructure

In front of a hometown crowd, Mike Parson launched his campaign for Missouri governor reaffirming his commitment to the hard work of governing and his belief that everyone should have the opportunity to pursue the American Dream.

The campaign also issued a video announcement available here.

Governor Parson made the announcement at Bolivar High School in the community where he served as Sheriff; a mere twenty miles from the small farm in Wheatland where he grew up; and just a mile from the small business he started and owned after returning from six years of service in the U.S. Army.

“There’s only one place in the world where someone from a small rural town with modest means could have the opportunities I have had,” Governor Parson said.  “To serve my country in an Army uniform.  To serve my community in a Sheriff’s uniform. To complete my dream of starting and owning a small business.  To enter public service and serve my community and state.  These experiences are only possible in this country under the red, white and blue of the United States of America.”

Governor Parson said he felt the call to serve again to help ensure the American Dream is never out of reach for anyone willing to work for it, regardless of their background or where they grew up.

“That’s why I feel the call to serve again,” said Governor Parson.  “I want to continue to do the hard work.  To make sure everyone has the chance to pursue the American dream.  To move Missouri forward with common sense, with honor and integrity.  And that’s why I am here today, in my hometown of Bolivar – to announce that I am running to be your Governor of the great state of Missouri.”

Governor Parson said more jobs, better pay, keeping taxes low, improving infrastructure, workforce development, improving education are what makes him so passionate about working for Missouri.

The Missouri economy is booming with more than 35,000 new jobs created since he took office with companies like Bunge, Bayer, Briggs & Stratton, CVS, Nucor Steel, Google and others investing in Missouri and creating new opportunities for Missouri workers.

“With record lows in unemployment, more people are going back to work in Missouri,” Governor Parson said.  “Wages are on the rise – in fact we were the top small business wage growth state in the nation.”

Since taking office in June 2018, Governor Parson has:

  • Signed an income tax cut allowing Missourians to keep more of their hard-earned money;
  • Proposed a bold plan to invest $1 billion into new infrastructure in Missouri and then got it done without a tax increase;
  • Ended the pointless border war with Kansas– which had cost Missouri over $325 million dollars; and
  • Shrank the size of the government in Jefferson City, reorganizing one fourth of the entire executive branch and eliminated nearly 500 bureaucrats’ positions that were wasting taxpayer dollars.

Governor Parson said if given the opportunity to continue serving as governor, he would prioritize cutting regulations to re-ignite the manufacturing sector; legal reform to make it easier for job creators; continuing forward momentum with more pro-growth policies that attract new jobs to our state; and ensuring more Missourians have the opportunity to gain the quality education and training they need to fill high-demand jobs across the state.

“I’ve never been afraid of hard work and nobody is going to work harder than I will in this campaign,” Governor Parson said.  “We are at a critical moment.  Now is the time to defend who we are.  Now is the time to come together.  Now is the time to stand up for Christian and family values.  Now is the time to lead with honor and integrity.  Now is the time to stand up for the American Dream.  Now is the time to get to work and to win this election.”