Workforce Development

The workplace and the economy look very different than they used to, and they will continue to change thanks to technology and automation.  The 21st century workplace demands require our students to be equipped and ready with the skills to succeed. Businesses all across Missouri stress the need to find solutions to develop a skilled workforce – preparing the next generation for high demand, high wage jobs.

We need to rethink some of the ways we provide educational opportunities for our students – offering more certificates, apprenticeships, and alternative credentialing programs.

In order to ensure Missouri is on the right track, we must give our students and workers the skills and tools to be successful. Our schools play an important role in preparing our students entering the workforce, but in order to compete on a national level, we must push ourselves to do better.

To accomplish our goals, we need to align the focus of our businesses, the education system, and government. We all must work together to provide better opportunities for those who are to follow.