Missouri Veterans Denounce Nicole Galloway’s Support for Defund the Police, Defund Our Troops, and Endorsement of Cori Bush

Galloway Refusing to Rescind Endorsement of Cori Bush


Nicole Galloway is so far refusing to rescind her endorsement of defund-the-police activist Cori Bush, even after she took one of her most extreme positions yet, calling for defunding our troops and national security.  Just hours after Cori Bush called for defunding the Pentagon, Nicole Galloway issued a fundraising email praising Cori Bush for her activism, noting how proud she is to share the political ticket with her.


Nicole Galloway’s refusal to rescind her endorsement of Cori Bush is not going over well with Missouri Veterans.


Retired Colonel Don “Doc” Ballard, a Vietnam Veteran and Medal of Honor recipient, says Missouri needs leaders who support our military and, “Cori Bush and Nicole Galloway have made clear they want to tear our military down by defunding our troops.”


Retired Colonel Jack Jackson said, “Nicole Galloway’s endorsement of Cori Bush is an endorsement of her support for defunding law enforcement and now defunding the Pentagon.”


“Unless Nicole Galloway retracts her endorsement of Cori Bush, Missouri veterans will know that Galloway supports defunding our troops and dismantling our military, which is a view that shows a deep and profound disrespect of our veterans and those who are serving in uniform,” said retired Colonel  Kevin P. Robinson


“Supporting our men and women in uniform should be a policy people on both sides of the aisle stand behind, but unfortunately Cori Bush and Nicole Galloway have abandoned our troops with their support for defunding our troops.  The Cori Bush and Nicole Galloway policy of defunding the Pentagon would make our country less safe and unravel the work and sacrifices made by those who serve in our military, including those who made the ultimate sacrifice,” said Dr. Scott Magill, Executive Director, Veterans in Defense of Liberty.


“Nicole Galloway is trying and failing to distance herself from these extreme positions because she is doubling down on her endorsement and support for Cori Bush,” said Steele Shippy, campaign manager for Parson for Missouri.  “Nicole Galloway’s support for Cori Bush represents support for defunding law enforcement and defunding our troops.  Unless Nicole Galloway immediately rescinds her endorsement of Cori Bush and rebukes her extreme views, Missouri voters will know that Nicole Galloway stands for defunding law enforcement and defunding our troops.”


Parson Campaign Launches New Television Ad 

“Started” Highlights Governor Parson’s Character, Integrity, and Experienced Leadership

Today, Parson for Missouri announced the launch of a new tv advertisement campaign highlighting Governor Parson’s character, integrity, and experienced leadership. The ad, “Started”, began airing today and features First Lady Teresa Parson.  

“This ad highlight’s the Governor’s lifetime of public service to our state and country as a military veteran, law enforcement officer, and farmer,” Parson Campaign Manager Steele Shippy said. “The First Lady says it best; Mike Parson works for Missouri”. 

“Now more than ever, Missourians need strong, experienced leaders who have the integrity to move our state forward out of challenges of COVID-19” Shippy said. “Growing up from humble beginnings, volunteering for the military, and serving his community as Sheriff are the life experiences that taught Governor Parson the value of hard work. These values haven’t left him as he works each day for the people of Missouri” Shippy said. 

“Teresa and I get up every morning with the focus of making Missouri a place where all Missourians have the opportunity to achieve the American Dream, just like we have,” Governor Parson said. “My life experiences have led me to where I am today, and this ad showcases our story and the reason why I get up to work each day for the people of Missouri.

Amid Troubling Independent Investigation, Galloway Releases Desperate Television Ad Full of Misleading, False, and Undocumented Allegations Against Governor Parson

September 28, 2020

Parson for Missouri Campaign calls on Galloway campaign and television stations to immediately take down ad

Feeling the heat of an independent investigation and questions about mega-donors to her campaign, Galloway gets desperate — in an attempt to shift the narrative with less than six weeks to go before election day Nicole Galloway released a campaign ad against Governor Parson on Saturday riddled with false and misleading information.


“It’s obvious that Nicole Galloway is desperate to change the subject from the independent investigation into her office,” Parson for Missouri Campaign Manager Steele Shippy said. “I’m shocked she would look into the camera with a straight face to make an ad that is demonstrably and laughably false. Her campaign and tv stations should pull it down immediately.”


A summary of these false claims are listed below.


Misleading, False, and Undocumented Claims in Nicole Galloway’s Campaign Ad

Claim: “Missouri in Top 5 for New COVID Cases”

Galloway Source or Citation: NONE

Fact Check: A simple look at the covid.cdc.gov dashboard does not show Missouri in the top 5 for new cases, and when looking at total cases overall Missouri is listed at 20.

Claim: “[Gov. Parson] Opposes Protections for Pre-Existing Conditions”

Galloway Source or Citation: NONE

Fact Check: Governor Parson and his administration helped introduce legislation to prohibit health insurance plans from imposing a preexisting condition exclusion — required health insurance plans to offer coverage for dependent children up to age 26. (SB970 (Rowden) & HB2507(Helms))

Claim: “Even Now He Opposes Medicaid Expansion”

Galloway Source or Citation: NONE

Fact Check: Over the past year, Governor Parson has reaffirmed his commitment to honor the will of the people. Because Missourians voted for the Medicaid Expansion ballot measure in August, Governor Parson will follow the will of the people.


Governor Parson was quoted by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch during a press conference in November of 2019 stating, “If the people of the state of Missouri — that is their will and they vote to do that — that’s what I’m supposed to do is uphold the will of the people of this state, and that’s what I intend to do regardless of whether I agree with the issue or whether I don’t.


Again, the Governor was asked immediately following the voter-approved Medicaid Expansion in August of 2020 restating his commitment, “The people of the state of Missouri voted that in, so we’re going to have to deal with it and implement it,” he told media Wednesday during his weekly briefing in Jefferson City. “That was the will of the voters.

Claim: “My plan lowers costs and expands medicaid without raising taxes and covers our children.”

Galloway Source or Citation: NONE

Fact Check: By the State Auditor’s Offices own admission, Medicaid expansion could cost the state at least $200 million. Galloway’s campaign does not offer any supporting documentation or solutions to how the healthcare proposal would be funded by state government. Critical questions should be asked to Auditor Galloway about how her proposal would not raise taxes.


The following was stated by the Associated Press on August 5, 2020: The office of Democratic Auditor Nicole Galloway, who won the Democratic primary for governor on Tuesday, said the financial impact on the state was not clear. The office has estimated that expanding Medicaid could cost the state at least $200 million or save as much as $1 billion annually by 2026. Republican opponents cited the potential costs as reason to oppose the ballot initiative.

Claim: “Takes Drug Company Money and lets them increase prices

Galloway Source or Citation: NONE

Fact Check: Of all of the ridiculous attacks in this ad, this might be the worst.  Governor Parson’s campaign has never accepted “drug company money” as corporate contributions to candidates for Governor are prohibited by Missouri state law.

Missouri Police Chiefs Association Endorse Governor Mike Parson

Missouri Police Chiefs Association Endorse Governor Mike Parson

September 23, 2020

“Governor Parson knows what it takes to stop violent crime and keep Missourians safe”

The Missouri Police Chiefs Association announced today their endorsement of Governor Mike Parson as he seeks a full term in the November 2020 election.

“Like the Members of the Missouri Police Chiefs Association and the officers of their departments across the state, Governor Parson knows what it takes to stop violent crime and keep Missourians safe,” Chief Sean P. Fagan, President, Missouri Police Chiefs Association, said. “Police Chiefs in Missouri know Governor Parson is the only candidate committed to preventing radical efforts to defund the police by out of state special interest groups. For these reasons, the Missouri Police Chiefs Association stands behind Governor Parson.”

Governor Parson has a strong background in public safety, having spent a 22-year career in law enforcement serving Missouri and our country. Governor Parson served two tours of duty in the United States Army as an MP, protecting our nation overseas. After returning home, he joined the Sheriff’s office and eventually was elected by his community to serve as Polk County Sheriff.

“The members of the Missouri Police Chiefs Association are proud to endorse Governor Parson for his re-election as Governor for the Great State of Missouri. We do so because of his continued support and dedication to the brave men and women who risk their lives to protect our communities. He has worked hard in making sure law enforcement has the tools they need to do their job safely,” Chief Fagan said.

“I want to personally thank the Police Chiefs Association for their support. I am proud to stand with hundreds of Chiefs across Missouri who are serving on the front lines protecting our communities in our fight against violent crime,” Governor Parson said, “Whether it’s ensuring our brave men and women in uniform are equipped with the resources necessary to do their job and keep Missourians safe, or standing up to the mob who seek to defund and abolish the police, the Police Chiefs know they can count on me as Governor to have their back in tough times,” Governor Parson said.

The Missouri Police Chiefs Association represents over 600 members throughout the State of Missouri, and has done so since 1953.

The full endorsement letter may be found here.

Governor Parson Works Hard for Missourians, Opponent Barely Works

Governor Parson Works Hard for Missourians, Opponent Barely Works

Governor Parson continues to deliver real results that protected the health and safety of every Missourian, while his opponent worked less in a month than most Missourians work in a week.

“Governor Parson worked tirelessly throughout the summer to combat the virus and deliver real results for working Missourians, which has led to an unemployment rate that is lower than our neighboring states,” Parson Campaign Manager, Steele Shippy said. “Small businesses are open and Missourians have returned to work. While the governor was working hard for Missourians, Nicole Galloway has prioritized partisan politics and barley showed up for work. She’s bragging about attending hundreds of political fundraisers with some of the most radical politicians in the country, while Missourians were dealing with the biggest health and economic crisis of our lifetime.”


In May and June of the pandemic in Missouri, Governor Parson successfully:

  • Ensured that Missouri’s healthcare system was not overwhelmed
  • Implemented the “Show-Me Strong Recovery Plan” for Missouri on May 4
  • Signed legislation to safeguard our elections and protect Missouri voters during the pandemic
  • Fully re-opened the state for business, part of the second phase of Missouri’s Recovery Plan
  • Rapidly grew testing capacity, and implemented plan focusing on three main testing strategies – box-in outbreaks, sentinel testing and community sampling
  • Distributed funds from the federal CARES Act to local governments, ensuring our local communities could continue providing critical services without delay
  • Signed additional executive orders to assist with Missouri’s Covid-19 response
  • Mobilized the Missouri National Guard to protect Missouri lives and property during civil unrest


“While thousands of Missouri families lost jobs or struggled to get by over the summer due to the pandemic, liberal Nicole failed to show up to her six-figure taxpayer-funded job,” Shippy said. “And now she is asking Missourians for a promotion? Missourians deserve leaders who are ready on Day One to do the tough jobs and make the difficult decisions, not politicians who fail to even show up.”




Governor Parson Maintains Commitment to Protect the Health and Safety of Missourians

Governor Parson Maintains Commitment to Protect the Health and Safety of Missourians

Capping the first six months of the Covid-19 global pandemic, Governor Parson maintains his commitment to leading Missouri while protecting the health and safety of every Missourian.

“We are approaching the six-month mark since Covid-19 hit Missouri,” Parson Campaign Manager, Steele Shippy said. “When the first positive case was identified on March 7th, Governor Parson’s administration was fully engaged and immediately on the ground in St. Louis. Since that time the governor has worked non-stop to combat this virus and keep Missourians as safe as possible.”

In March and April of the pandemic in Missouri, Governor Parson successfully:

  • Pulled together the entire cabinet and every state agency to coordinate Missouri’s response
  • Convened weekly calls with community leaders, stakeholders, and medical experts
  • Developed a dashboard with transparent Missouri-specific data
  • Mobilized the Missouri National Guard to assist with our response efforts, and together built an alternative care site in 11 days to assist hospitals in the St. Louis region.
  • Waived nearly 600 statutes and regulations to provide more flexibility and safety for Missourians
  • Partnered with Google to launch an innovative PPE marketplace to assure our first responders were properly equipped to help Missourians
  • Secured and delivered the anti-viral medication Remdesivir to Missouri hospitals in the middle of the night to help Covid-19 patients and save lives.
  • Expanded testing capacity to ensure availability for Missourians in both rural and urban areas to receive a Covid-19 test
  • Announced the “Show-Me Strong Recovery Plan” for Missouri on April 16, with implementation of the plan in May
  • Encouraged Missourians to wear masks (when unable to socially distance), and enabled local government officials to implement their own mask orders when necessary to protect the health of their local communities.


“While the governor was accomplishing all of this and more, Galloway turned to partisan politics over helping Missourians respond to and recover from the pandemic,” Shippy said. “Sunshine records prove that the Auditor worked less in an entire month than most Missourians work in a week. It’s clear that when Missourians need the most help, Nicole Galloway doesn’t show up.”




Gov. Parson Defends Constitutional Rights of McCloskeys

Governor Parson is doing everything under the constitution that he can do to defend law-abiding Missourians from liberal prosecutors. A sponsor of Missouri’s Castle Doctrine, our governor knows that every Missourian has the right to defend their life and their property.

If you agree with Governor Parson that ALL Missourians have the right to self-defense, then donate today to help fight back against the liberal mob.







Accenture Federal Services is expanding in the St. Louis region and creating 1,400 technology jobs over the next five years.

Missouri is recognized as one of the most prepared states for the digital economy, and at a time when many Missourians are looking for work, this move will grow our technology workforce and strengthen our standing as a technology hub in the U.S.

Thanks to Maryville University for hosting the event and all of the partners involved in making this project possible:
St. Louis Economic Development Partnership
Missouri Partnership
Missouri Department of Economic Development

We are proud to welcome Accenture Federal Services to the state of Missouri!

Find out more. –> https://alliancestl.com/tech-jobs-press-release/?fbclid=IwAR2ytqJxP5UN_v64zI0mkulCMsznmGtZTORMDm4n1aQ4Dcp_kU31_86pEi8


What They Are Saying | Governor Parson’s Show Me Strong Recovery Plan:

What They Are Saying | Governor Parson’s Show Me Strong Recovery Plan:

On the first day of Missouri’s reopening, Governor Parson joined the team at Bass Pro Shops in Springfield for a reopening ceremony. This was one of several stops on the first day of Phase One of the Show Me Strong Recovery Plan.

Let me tell you why it was so important to come here today. I want people to know it’s okay. It’s okay to come back out, it’s okay to start being engaged in your communities…” – Governor Parson


Lieutenant Governor Mike Kehoe joined Team Parson to discuss the phased reopening of Missouri.

The Governor has put together a great team… who have participated in working through what it takes to protect Missourians and also what it takes to gradually and safely get our economy opening again.” – Lieutenant Governor Kehoe

What They Are Saying | On CARES Act Federal Funding:

Following the distribution of funds from the federal government, hear how these funds are being distributed by state leaders.

What They Are Saying | On Governor Parson Lifting the Stay at Home Order:

State leaders on the Governor’s decision to reopen the State on May 4th.

Lieutenant Governor Mike Kehoe:I know people are ready to get back to work, they’re ready to get out and prove that Missouri knows how to show the rest of the country how we can do this safely… Governor Parson has laid out a great step with his four pillars of his plan that would allow Missourians to open up and get the economy moving again, all while keeping an eye on public safety.” (KZRG Morning Newswatch, 05/04/2020)


We are the Show Me State, and we are going to show the country how you can come out of this and get our economy going, get people back to work, and do it in a safe fashion that protects the health and safety of each other.” (Wake Up Columbia 93.9 The Eagle, 05/04/2020)


Treasurer Scott Fitzpatrick:It’s been a tough situation for everybody… Small businesses in particular, and Governor Parson has taken a data drive approach, spending one hundred percent of his time managing this from a state level.” (Pete Mundo Morning Show KCMO Talk Radio, 05/04/2020)


State Representative Nick Schroer:When you look into the beginning of this pandemic, Governor Parson and his administration have been very open and have taken critical steps to protect the health and wellbeing of Missourians… We are going to make our economy and our state great again.” (The Tim Jones Show 97.1 FM, 05/03/2020


State Representative Mary Elizabeth Coleman:I am really pleased that because of Governor Parson’s leadership and because of everybody doing what they did, we’ve got this data driven approach to be able to reopen the state… Much of the state has decided to follow Governor Parson’s plan of getting things reopened, not immediately back to normal, but in this sort of staged approach…”  (The Marc Cox Morning Show 97.1 FM, 05/04/2020)


State Representative Hannah Kelly:Everyone made the decision that they thought was best for them, while following under the umbrella of the stay at home order. I think that, in a beautiful way, spoke to what the Governor has done to endeavor through all of this unknown and unchartered water that we’re walking through together to make sure that he keeps in mind with his decision making that Missouri is a diverse state…  Vice President Pence remarked the other day that Missouri is leading the way, that we’re fulfilling our Show Me title with the plan that Governor Parson is laying out.” (Digging In with Missouri Farm Bureau Podcast, 04/30/2020)


Executive Director of the Missouri Republican Party, Jean Evans:One of the things about our Governor is that he definitely trusts local leaders to make good decisions for themselves. From the get go, he has taken a very aggressive approach to dealing with this. I know Governor Parson pretty well… He is somebody who doesn’t react, he responds. He looks at all the information, talks to the experts and comes up with a plan. I think in this situation, his early actions really helped us…” (Mark Reardon Show KMOX-AM, 05/04/2020)


Missourians everywhere are tired of being labeled and dismissed by liberal news outlets

Missourians everywhere are tired of being labeled and dismissed by liberal news outlets

At a time when Missourians are coming together like never before, there are still some who want to use this crisis to divide us.

No matter where you live in our great state, in rural or urban communities, Missourians are known for our hard work, grit, and determination. 

Like we’ve done time and time again when natural disasters have torn apart communities, flooded farmland, or threatened our health and safety, Missourians have cast political differences aside and come together to combat these tough challenges.

But we continue to have one problem: elite, liberal newspapers in our state believe that you and I are too simple-minded and uneducated to overcome tough challenges.

The latest from the editorial board of the St. Louis Post Dispatch is unacceptable and irresponsible. Missourians everywhere are tired of being labeled and dismissed by liberal news outlets. The rural and urban divide exists because of this type of attack on Missourians’ way of life.

Members of the Post Dispatch editorial board look down upon and view Missourians as uneducated and simple-minded. It only takes a trip through the heartland to see that nothing could be further from the truth.

These irresponsible actions, if left unchecked, will continue to drive wedges into the fabric of who we are as Missourians. 

Missourians have always faced challenges, but we defeat them together. COVID-19 has affected everyone, and I am proud of the way both rural and urban Missourians have stepped up to do their part in this crisis.

We aren’t afraid of critics and will boldly stand up against the elite, liberal newspapers who make a common practice of attacking Missourians—whether it’s our way of life or our intelligence. We won’t stand for fake news, liberal hypocrisy, or biased and misleading reporting, especially during a time of crisis. 

It’s not Missourians who don’t understand our way of life—it’s the elite media.

The St. Louis Post Dispatch editorial board will continue to publish their attacks, but I am proud of the ways in which Missourians—all Missourians—have come together to defeat this invisible enemy.